brit payne

 Brit Judd 2

I've been working with social media since before Instagram even existed (#GeriatricMillenial) and when COVID hit I did what many of us were left to do – transfer my skills and create something unique that was universal. I started building in 2020, taking on marketing and consulting in new industries to gain insight and expand on the background I had already acquired.


My success throughout the years within my store fronts, working with different brands, all had one common denominator – unique, interactive marketing. Now, I strive to help other people learn how to incorporate this type of marketing into their day-to-day business practices to bolster their success. It doesn't matter if it's the local hair salon, a boutique fitness franchise, or a retail store - interactive marketing builds a brand. 

Apart from my business endeavors, I'm a boy mom, a dog mom, and a cat mom! It's always hard for me to choose between a mimosa or a skinny margarita, and I enjoy a really great Netflix binge from time-to-time. My hobbies include rage vacuuming the house, embarrassing my son with my sweet dance moves and singing abilities, and finding a great bargain at Marshall's or TJ Maxx.